December 14, 2020
The Smartech team

How Smartech Turns Ideas into Reality

We are often asked how our unique R&D process works. How do we take a vision for solving a seemingly impossible challenge and turn it into a real solution?

 Consider this your backstage pass – a chance to look behind the scenes and understand SMARTECH’s four-part process, from the technological research stage, to the proof of concept (POC), to the technological examination and prototype.

 1. Technological Research

In our initial research stage, we scan solutions from many different verticals and industries, sometimes combining more than one technology to create a hybrid solution that addresses the challenge and fits our customer’s need.

 Once we have found a solution that looks promising at the theoretical level, it goes to our validation team, for experimentation. We build a laboratory model that is sensitive and dynamic, providing a proof that can answer the research question. 

 2. Proof of Concept

The POC stage is divided into two parts:

A.      Scientific research – This is conducted by our chemical, material, and polymer engineering experts, who examine the potential of developing the technological idea and clearly define the research questions. 

B.     Lab testing – We conduct deep research in our unique, multidisciplinary laboratory, which has extensive capabilities for in-house experiments, physical testing, and analytics in chemistry, mechanics, and process engineering. 

 3. Technological Examination

 The technological examination stage enables us to go from the laboratory scale to the factory scale, where we can execute the technology in sequential parameters similar to the factory ones. This stage has several purposes:

·      Confirm the technological process can be executed in a way that is suited to the factory.

·      Confirm the technological effect in a sequential process.

·      Assess the substantial risks involved with implementing the technology. 

·      Define the requirements for building the prototype that will be installed in the actual factory. 

Building the laboratory model is a significant challenge because of the difficulty of aligning the laboratory scale to the factory scale. Laboratory tools, as good as they are, cannot replicate the exact process in the factory. So, while they do enable us to minimize uncertainty as much as possible, it’s important to later fully evaluate the solution in a factory setting.

4. Prototype

The prototype is a working solution that can be installed in the factory, enabling final proof of our technology while already delivering high value to the customer.

 The synergy between all four stages is key. It enables us to find out-of-the-box technological solutions and focus our product to better address our clients’ needs.

 Each solution is then build according to the customers need and the plant’s unique production requirements.  

 All of the processes mentioned above, from the research stage to the final prototype product are handled by SMARTECH’s researchers, process engineers, machinery, data experts and labs in our R&D center in Israel. With our extensive knowledge about traditional industry and our multidisciplinary team and research assets, we are able to create high-impact, high-value solutions to some of the most pressing and complex manufacturing challenges.



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