This position is a team member at SMARTECH high-end AutonomousManufacturing (AI Based Technologies) department. It is an extremelyinteresting and diversified arena.

Responsibilities of this role include development of algorithmsand other solutions to complex problems. This could include creating newalgorithms, improving existing ones, and implementing them into softwareapplications in various diversified areas of industrial manufacturing, suchas machinery, chemicals, technology, innovation models and others.

This position plays a key role in long- and short-term data research process, and helps to outline the future product lines of the company.

ML\DL\RL modules, data mining and statistic processes

Duties and Responsibilities

·        Perform research and analysis of processes data andtechnologies across numerous industries and sectors.

·        Design, develop and test algorithms (analytics andmachine learning) with python.

·        Provide deep analysis on various data sets andresearch questions with dedicated tools.

·        Analyze algorithm performance and efficiency.

·        Identify and address issues in algorithms.

·        Develop strategies to improve algorithms.

·        Create and maintain documentation.

·        Provide technical support for algorithm development,Mentoring to junior team members in the team.

·        Study new industrial concepts and processes forimproving implementation.

·        The Development & Analytics process will include external interfaces and meetings with other company sectors and experts in various fields.

·        Performs special projects as assigned by direct manager.

Education and Experience

M.Sc. degree in computer science, mathematics or a related field.

Strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures.

Experience with software development.

 Data / ML experience at least 5 years with Time Series Data Modules.

 Familiar with basic ML python packages (ex. Pandas, Numpy ,Sklearn).

 Knowledge of DL/RL/LLM methods and packages ( Pytorch / TF )– an advantage

Knowledge of statistics and experience with datasets analysis tools– an advantage

Other Skills

·        Endlesscuriosity

·        Team player

·        Excellent research and analysis capabilities.

·        Presentation skills to clearly present outcomes to SMARTECH management atall levels.

·        Tech enthusiast, interested in exploring new technologies.  

·        Quick learner, and good memory abilities.

·        Ability to absorb a lot of data, analyze it and draw simple conclusions out of it.

·        High web and internet skills.

·        Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and adjust priorities quickly.

·        Creative and innovative thinker.

·        High integrity.

·        create good synergy with fellow researchers / team.

·        Strong communication at all levels, internally and external interfaces (customers, suppliers etc.).

·        Fluent written and spoken English.

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