Smartech’s Autonomous MaNEWfacturing TM (AM) Framework Enables Any Manufacturing Plant To Expand Their Production Envelope And Control In Real Time Processes That Until Now Were Considered Impossible to Control.

Enhance Production In Real Time According To Your Business Goals

Using breakthrough, data-based technologies implemented at the operations technology layer, the modular Autonomous ManNEWfacturingTM (AM) Framework provides a major technology leap.

It combines the SmartSENS Module for data collection from the production floor and additional data sources, the SmartAI Module, which enables a new type of cognitive collaboration between humans and machines, and the SmartWork Module for real-time production control or for recommendation and information.

Additional AM Framework modules provide autonomous capabilities to selected critical production sections, boosting the capabilities of human operators and creating autonomous Ultimate Operators for those critical sections. Unlike humans, the autonomous Ultimate Operator is capable of managing all operation vectors – Productivity, Cost and Quality – according to the manufacturer’s business goals.

Impact on the three production vectors

Smartech’s unique 360°approach ties autonomous processes and artificial intelligence (AI) with multidisciplinary capabilities in areas like smart materials manipulation, chemical engineering, process control, robotics and more.

Our Autonomous Manufacturing Modules provide very high value and fast ROI that are constantly improved over time through ongoing machine learning processes.

Increase productivity:
Higher throughput, revenues & OEE

Reduce costs:
Savings on raw materials & operations

Enhance quality control:
Higher reliability & customer satisfaction

Overcomes Industry 4.0 Challenges

The AM Framework also solves the key challenges that block many manufacturers from advancing with industry 4.0 initiatives.

Available as an on-premises solution or as a cloud solution.

Delivers fast time to value – Typically 3 to 6 months, instead of the usual 1 to 2-year process of machine learning and assimilation.

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