SmartResin  MDI Enables Engineered Wood Manufacturers To Significantly Reduce Their MDI Resin Expenses, While Achieving The Same, Or Even Better, Board Quality

Reducing the high cost of MDI Resin

SmartResin MDI is a patent protected smart System that significantly upgrades key MDI resin properties in real time just before the MDI resin is used in the engineered wood manufacturing process.

Significantly reduces of MDI resin consumption,
without impacting Board properties

Works with any production line,
resin storage & blending equipment

One SmartResin MDI system can
support multiple blenders

In-line Just-In-Time Upgrade Of The MDI Resin

Just before the MDI resin enters the production line, SmartResin MDI System modifies and upgrades the Resin using a unique patented process.

The result is a significant improvement in the MDI resin distribution throughout the wood matrix and an improved MDI reactivity. Their results enable a significant reduction in MDI resin consumption.

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