Smartech's Autonomous Manufacturing solutions for critical processes on production lines include software modules such as Ultimate Operator and Predictive Quality. They are installed on-premise and provide advanced autonomous capabilities for manufacturing plants.

 Smartech's unique machine-learning algorithms process and analyze data from the production environment in real-time. These AI tools serve instructions either as decision support for operators or, even autonomously control operations directly to increase productivity, enhance quality, and stabilize the production line to bring value to the manufacturer.  

Get More Capacity and Consistency From Your Press

SmartPress Ultimate Operator module brings significant and measurable value to the production line of  Engineered Wood products such as OSB, Fiberboard, Particleboard, Chipboard, Plywood, MDF and others. 

Using artificial intelligence, SmartPress reduces press cycle time and improves its performance. With the press being a common bottleneck in Engineered Wood manufacturing, SmartPress can dramatically improve the overall line capacity without additional production capital equipment.

SmartPress is a module of Smartech’s Ultimate Operator technology which is part of Smartech’s Autonomous Manufacturing technology.

Smartech’s Autonomous Manufacturing solution is a smart, AI and software-based solution targeting critical manufacturing processes. We study critical operations and collect feedback from sensors and line operations  and analyze which action will be optimal at any given moment. Accordingly, the solution recommends such action to the operator or, per operator request, autonomously executes the program.

Better consistency
of process & boards

Improves board
quality and fewer
rejected boards

SmartPress modules

Capacity module

Reduces press cycle time and increases press output

Predictive quality module

Predicts board quality and improves process quality control

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