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Who we are

SMARTECH offers the engineered wood and other manufacturing sectors groundbreaking technological solutions to dramatically reduce the cost of raw materials and increase production line capacity.
Our solutions offer a measurable and meaningful impact on profitability and environmental footprint of production processes.

What we do

Smartech targets the multi-trillion-dollar global manufacturing sector which is ripe for change.
Smartech has established its presence in the $145B engineered wood panel industry, and is now approaching additional industrial sectors.

Enhance Profitability

Enhancing significant value via direct impact on the cost of raw materials and on production capacity

reduce cost completely

Reduce Cost

Our Smart Solutions impact raw materials via an in-line transformation in the production line, just-in-time prior to use.

Increase Capacity

Our AI-based Software Solutions impact line speed via autonomous operation of critical production processes to shift bottlenecks and increase manufacturing capacity.
While maintaining or improving product quality


Experts on AI analytics : Experienced leaders from Israeli military technology units.

Our footprint

Smartech globale activity

"The SmartWax project we completed at our mill was the most successful project I have ever been involved with.  I say this from an engineering point of view, a technological point of view and from an execution point of view. I have been involved in many projects in my career. Whether it was a complete green field mill or a smaller system within the plant, this SmartWax system was the best project and I thank SMARTECH for the terrific cooperation, expertise, technology and support. We look forward to replicating that cooperation on our next projects."

Senior Project Manager, SMARTECH customer

The Opportunity & Traction

The market opportunity is vast. The manufacturing sector is estimated at $6T of which engineered wood panels is valued at $145B. However, these huge industries are characterized by low technology intensity, low profitability and enormous capital requirements to build production capacity.

This situation offers a major opportunity for Smartech. With  successful technologies integrated at large customers sites, Smartech has prospects for rapid growth.

Smartech is in the process of addressing and penetrating other industrial sectors

Smartech brings a proven track record of growing accounts via recurring sales to Smartech's existing and new customers – driving profitable and cash-generative growth.


Tap into the future of manufacturing with Smartech

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