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Putting the “NEW” in manufacturing

Who we are

SMARTECH provides game-changing technology solutions that shift the ways traditional manufacturing works and create transformational changes.
SMARTECH-X, the innovation arm of SMARTECH, is focused on
"making the impossible possible”

“You taught us what we thought was impossible is possible.
We are now open to make other impossible challenges possible“

SMARTECH customer

What we do

The multi-trillion dollar global manufacturing sector is ripe for change.
SMARTECH creates transformational changes by providing
game-changing technology solutions to the manufacturing sector.

Enhance Value

Enhancing significant value via direct impact on three main production vectors: Costs, Productivity and Quality


 Combining AI analytics with X force: Ex-leaders of IDF technology units, agnostic to the problem, while applying a 360° approach

Our footprint

Smartech globale activity

"The SmartWax project we completed at our mill was the most successful project I have ever been involved with.  I say this from an engineering point of view, a technological point of view and from an execution point of view. I have been involved in many projects in my career. Whether it was a complete green field mill or a smaller system within the plant, this SmartWax system was the best project and I thank SMARTECH for the terrific cooperation, expertise, technology and support. We look forward to replicating that cooperation on our next projects."

Senior Project Manager, SMARTECH customer

The Opportunity & Traction

Market opportunity is vast and ready to be ripen: manufacturing is 1st in GDP however last in R&D investments – resulting in technology rollover already starting to disrupt it, with huge room to grow

SMARTECH Brings proven track record of tangible scalability via add-ons sales to existing strong customer base and active pipeline – driving highly predictable growth together with profitable & cash-generative business plan


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