Generating a fundamental change


The manufacturing sector's share of global GDP is significantly larger than its high-tech counterpart. However, manufacturing R&D investments, and their impact, are significantly smaller. SMARTECH's goal is to disrupt that imbalance.

As global competition gets tougher, industrial manufacturers are faced with pricing pressures and consequently, significant constraints to increase their profit's margin. Struggling to reduce production's expenses and boost profitability, manufacturers strive for smart and innovative technologies to create transformational change to improve profitability, productivity and efficiency.

SMARTECH delivers advanced game-changing technology solutions by successfully addressing manufacturers' critical challenges that were, until now, considered impossible.

Wood Panels

The wood panel industry uses wood derivatives and adhesives to manufacture value-added products such as OSB, particle board and MDF which find broad use as structural materials and furniture components. Manufacturing plants reside near sources of wood and typically peripheral to urban centers. The manufacturing process is automated yet relies on skilled and experienced operators to maintain operations. Autonomous operations can relieve the need for repeated manual intervention, provide real-time control, and de-bottlenecking, ultimately resulting in increased productivity, lower manufacturing unit costs, and improved production stability.

Animal Feed

Production of animal feed is a critical part of the global food industry as the major source of animal protein for human consumption. Stringent quality requirements demand intensive surveillance of feed mills. While these processes are automated, there is room to optimize production in real-time, which can reduce the lost revenue and costs of excessive safety margins. The ULTIMATE OPERATOR drives autonomous control of critical steps in the manufacturing process extracting additional value from existing assets.

Pulp and Paper

The Pulp and Paper industry manufactures cellulose-based products with energy-, raw material- and capital-intensive processes. The benefits of advanced control solutions impact the bottom-line by increasing the utilization of existing assets. The pulp and paper industry faces heavy pressure to hit production targets while dropping costs with an aging workforce. Industrial autonomy solutions can streamline production and enhance the performance of future operators.
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