AUTONOMY for your wood-based panel press. Together with Siempelkamp, the leading global engineering equipment vendor, we offer the cutting-edge AI-based Prod-IQ ∙ SmartPress solution for groundbreaking real-time process control of your wood-based panel manufacturing facility to increase and optimize your production.

The dynamic AI-powered Prod-IQ ∙ SmartPress solution dramatically increases press throughput, improves board quality and reduces production costs. The unique solution builds on copious plant data and human operator inputs to model and optimize plant performance across all shifts. Prod-IQ ∙SmartPress aggregates specialized expertise and experience from senior operators making valuable institutional knowledge available to future workers. Manufacturers can obtain results with AI faster than they ever thought possible. Prod-IQ ∙ SmartPress works for all panel presses. Together with Siempelkamp, we have already validated the solution on the production line of a world-leading wood panel manufacturer.

How does it work?

Prod-IQ ∙ SmartPress functions by collecting manufacturing plant data and human operator inputs to construct a powerful AI engine to optimize critical press processes. The software connects to the plant OT/IT stack and orchestrates performance between machines, processes and operators. After a short learning period, the tool runs AI algorithms and advises the human operator with optimized equipment setpoints for higher throughput, consistently better board quality and with greater operational stability. When in autonomous mode Prod-IQ ∙ SmartPress controls the press directly and delivers unprecedented performance.

1. Seamless acquisition and analysis of raw material data, process data and operator input data·       
2. Accurate board quality predictions coupled to system logic·        
3. Real-time advanced AI and machine-learning algorithms
4. Advisory and autonomous control of critical equipment with clear demonstration of value to operators

Improves production stability

AI-based solution in autonomous mode reacts faster to keep production within the desired bounds.

Harmonizes performance across shifts

Consistently top performance across all shifts by integrating the decision-making of the best performances in the algorithmic engine.

Increases throughput and quality

Improved operation enables more throughput and within tighter quality specification bounds, resulting in more revenue.

Assists in upskilling novice operators

Raise the capabilities of less experienced operators much faster.

On-premise and simple implementation

The solution is designed to be installed securely on-premise without exposure to cybersecurity threats.

Reduced manual intervention

Reduce the amount of time operators need to dedicate to finetuning the performance of critical processes