Smartech’s pioneering SmartWax system transforms the way wax is used. The SmartWax system transforms the wax material into a wax suspension and provides unmatched cost savings for engineered wood manufacturing, while promoting improved product quality and superior control. The SMARTWAX system is integrated directly into existing production lines. The system generates a water-based wax suspension that replaces more expensive wax emulsion or bulk solid or slack wax alternatives.

Wax Suspension vs Slack Wax vs Emulsion
Unmatched raw material cost saving

Dramatically reduce the cost of wax by at least 20% in the manufacturing of engineered wood products.

Innovative and validated

Patent - protected in multiple jurisdictions, SMARTWAX system has been installed in wood panel mills around the world.

Enhanced quality and control

Provides better control over various production related parameters which results in improved panel properties.

More eco-friendly products

SMARTWAX system lowers the carbon footprint of wood panels by reducing the quantity of embedded oil-derived waxes as well as the associated transportation footprint.

Quick ROI

Unprecedented cost savings result with a return on investment in a short period of time.

Easy to install and operate

Each system is built and fully tested to match customers’ production line specifications. Installation and commission occurs without stopping the active production line.