In wood-panel production plants, the forming line is the process step that prepares the mat of resinated wood substrate prior to the panel press. The forming line balances mat mass, speed and other parameters to maximize throughput. The SmartForming module is SMARTECH's AI-based tool to optimize forming line performance and stability via advisory and autonomous modes. Similar to the SmartPress module, SmartForming incorporates line data and human operator inputs to push operational setpoints directly to the equipment controllers.

Management of the forming line requires tight synchronization between upstream and downstream steps. The coordination between these different stages in non-trivial and frequently the price is paid in sub-optimal capacity utilization.

The SmartForming module utilizes machine learning algorithms and is an on-premise solution.

Improves production stability

AI-based solution in autonomous mode reacts faster to keep production within the desired bounds.

Harmonizes performance across shifts

Consistently top performance across all shifts by integrating the decision-making of the best performances in the algorithmic engine.

Increases throughput and quality

Improved operation enables more throughput and within tighter quality specification bounds, resulting in more revenue.

Assists in upskilling novice operators

Raising the capabilities of less experienced operators much faster.

On-premise and simple implementation

The solution is designed to be installed securely on-premise without exposure to cybersecurity threats.

Embed your know-how in the production line

Conventionally, accumulated production line experience resides with the experts. Transfer that know-how to the line itself.