Walker Industries & SMARTECH announce partnership

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Helping engineered wood manufacturers cut costs, improve products

Walker named North American vendor for SmartWaxSys wax suspension technology

Walker Industries and Smartech are pleased to announce a partnership naming Walker as the exclusive vendor for North America of Smartech’s proprietary, patent-protected SmartWaxSys wax suspension system.

Serving Canadian and U.S. markets out of operating locations in Ontario, South Carolina and Oregon, Walker’s emulsions division provides a wide range of wax emulsions used by the wood product industry to provide water repellency characteristics and improve the dimensional stability of oriented strand board, medium density fiberboard and other engineered wood products.

Smartech SmartWaxSys transforms the way wax is used, enabling engineered wood manufacturers to reduce costs significantly, improve product quality and gain superior control over the manufacturing process.

“We’re thrilled to offer customers an innovative new solution that will help them produce high-performing products for less cost while also reducing their environmental footprint,” says Archie Reynolds, EVP, Walker Emulsions. “This technology has already proven its value in other markets, generating savings and numerous benefits for engineered wood manufacturers.”

Smartech’s patented and proprietary suspension technology allows manufacturers using SmartWaxSys to significantly reduce costs – typically by at least 20 per cent – for wax and emulsions for all types of engineered wood panels (MDF, OSB, Particle Board and others).

The system also provides green benefits. Overall consumption of hot melt wax is significantly reduced while maintaining performance standards. In addition, fewer trucks are required because water is added at point of production rather than being pre-mixed, resulting in fewer shipments. Reducing the number of trucks on the road translates to lower carbon dioxide emissions, which supports environmental sustainability.

“We are excited to partner with Walker industries, which shares our focus on providing real value to the manufacturers,” says Hanoch Magid, CEO, Smartech. “The combination of Smartech’s innovative SmartWaxSys technology, Walker’s extensive market reach, and both companies’ complementary areas of expertise will bring significant savings and advantages to Engineered Wood manufacturers in North America.”

To learn more, please visit here. About Walker Industries: Walker Industries is a fifth generation, family-owned Canadian company that has operated from its base in the Niagara Region for more than 130 years. With facilities across Canada and the United States the company employs more than 1,200 people in environmental waste management and recovery, renewable energy, paving and construction, aggregates, and emulsions. For more information about Walker, visit walkerind.com.

About Smartech: Smartech is an Israeli and American-owned technology developer of game-changing technology solutions that create transformational changes in the way manufacturing works. It provides proprietary technologies for the smart use of materials and offers Autonomous Manufacturing modules for significant improvement of critical manufacturing processes. Smartech is headquartered in Israel, and has a presence in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. For more information about Smartech, visit www.smartech.com

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