April 14, 2024

SMARTECH and Walker Industries Complete First SMARTWAX Installation of 2024


April 11, 2024

SMARTECH and Walker Industries are pleased to announce they have completed the first SMARTWAX System installation of 2024 at an OSB mill located in the United States. This is a demonstration of the successful partnership between SMARTECH, a technology provider to the traditional manufacturing sector, and Walker Industries, a trusted supplier to multiple traditional industrial sectors.

Walker’s Emulsions division has a long pedigree of supporting engineered wood product manufacturers with superior products and services. Walker is the exclusive distributor of SMARTWAX Systems in North America.

SMARTWAX is the renown wax suspension technology from SMARTECH, which delivers critical water resistance to wood-based panels at lower cost than many wax emulsions and molten waxes for wood-based panels.

The seamless partnership between SMARTECH and Walker has led to the successful delivery on-schedule of the SMARTWAX System to a leading OSB manufacturer in North America. Hanoch Magid, SMARTECH CEO, said: “We are pleased to start 2024 with a smooth and successful commissioning of another SMARTWAX System. The excellent quality and deep cost savings are excellent propositions during a time when the general market conditions are cloudy. SMARTWAX will contribute meaningfully to managing raw material costs while ensuring rigid quality specifications are met.”

Larry Sinnige, Director of Innovation & Product Development at Walker, said “We are proud to have completed the commissioning of the SMARTWAX System and to support our wood-based panel customers with SMARTECH’s renown technology. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all involved in this successful installation! We look forward to continuing to provide value to wood-panel manufacturers.”


SMARTECH is a pioneering hi-tech company that provides game-changing technologies to the global manufacturing industry. SMARTECH revolutionizes traditional manufacturing by reducing raw material use and unleashing the latent potential of data, and helps industries upgrade their plants to smart, autonomous factories by transforming existing production lines into high-performing, data-driven and sustainable assets. SMARTECH, Manewfacturing™ Technologies is headquartered in Israel, with a presence in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

For more information about SMARTECH solutions, visit http://www.smartech.com

About Walker Industries

Walker Industries is a fifth generation, family-owned Canadian company that has operated from its base in the Niagara Region for more than 130 years. With facilities across Canada and the United States the company employs more than 1,200 people in environmental waste management and recovery, renewable energy, paving and construction, aggregates, and emulsions. For more information about Walker, visit walkerind.com.

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