August 3, 2023

SMARTECH Appointed to Vice-Chairmanship of Intelligent Manufacturing Association in China

Tel Aviv, 3 August 2023

SMARTECH is proud to announce that it has been appointed to the prestigious vice-chairmanship of the Intelligent Manufacturing Sub-association (IMS) of National Forest Production Industry Association in China as of July 2023. The IMS is the leading association promoting AI-based manufacturing technology solutions to the Chinese forestry sector.

SMARTECH is a leading technology vendor to the global wood-based panel manufacturing sector. SMARTECH offers manufacturers acclaimed Smart Material Systems to reduce the use of raw materials and the Autonomous Manewfacturing™ AI-based Platform that unleashes the power of data in the production lines.

The former includes SMARTWAX and SMARTRESIN Systems, which via proprietary technology improve the distribution of wax and resin, respectively, in the manufacturing process, without any deleterious effects on board properties.

The latter Autonomous Manewfacturing™ Platform is the first closed-loop autonomous control system for critical production processes in the forest products sector. With partnerships with international market players in the wood products ecosystem, SMARTECH is the first to offer AI tools to increase production throughput, improve quality and lower manufacturing costs. SMARTECH has energetically promoted the benefits of AI technology for wood manufacturing at multiple global forums, such as LIGNA, and will continue to use its position to endorse the adoption of AI to improve sustainability and productivity.

Hanoch Magid, SMARTECH CEO to say "It is an honor to take this leadership role for encouraging the adoption of AI technology. We appreciate the recognition of SMARTECH as a thought leader in this space and we are optimistic that we will have a positive impact on the IMS and the forest products ecosystem.”

Hans Prettner, SMARTECH VP Europe and Asia to add "We are proud to assume this high-profile role. We hear frequently from forestry sector manufacturers keen on incorporating AI technology and we look forward to promote its benefits for the industry as a whole."

About SMARTECHSMARTECH is a pioneering hi-tech company that provides game-changing technologies to the global manufacturing industry. SMARTECH revolutionizes traditional manufacturing by reducing raw materials use and unleashing the latent potential of data, and helps industries upgrade their plants to smart and autonomous factories by transforming existing production lines into high-performing, data-driven and sustainable assets.

SMARTECH – Manewfacturing™ Technologies is headquartered in Israel, with a presence in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America. For more information about SMARTECH's innovative tech solutions for the traditional manufacturing sector, visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn.

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