November 7, 2023

SMARTECH unveils SmartForming, first AI-based module for forming line in wood panel manufacturing

Tel Aviv, 7 November 2023

SMARTECH, a pioneering technology leader in AI-driven solutions for traditional manufacturing, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated commercial release of an additional module, SmartForming as part of its AI-based Autonomous Manewfacturing™ platform offered to the wood-based panel manufacturing. This cutting-edge technology marks a significant advancement in the industry, propelling manufacturing processes into a new era of efficiency and productivity. The first implementations are already installed and operational.

The SmartForming module, an integral part of SMARTECH's Autonomous Manewfacturing™ platform, introduces autonomous control to the forming line of wood-based panel production. The forming-line is another crucial process step that involves the preparation of a continuous, thick wood particle mat with a multi-layer configuration, followed by precise trimming, metal detection, and treatment spraying. Traditionally, this process required constant human intervention, but SmartForming brings a new level of intelligence and autonomy, making it the first of its kind in the wood-based panel industry.SmartForming follows the release of SmartPress, SMARTECH's breakthrough solution for autonomous control of the panel press. SmartForming optimizes and synchronizes the forming-line process for enhanced performance together with the press.

"Our team at SMARTECH has been working brilliantly to develop and perfect the SmartForming module", said Hanoch Magid, CEO of SMARTECH. "As demand for AI integration in production lines continues to soar, we are proud to offer this game-changing tool, alongside our industry-acclaimed SmartPress module, to drive manufacturing excellence worldwide."

The importance of SmartForming goes beyond its novelty- it couples the availability of the multilayered resinated material with the autonomous activity of the press and with the workstations before and after the forming line. The module provides active control of the forming line and is the way forward for companies to extract the most value from this asset. By embracing this innovative technology, wood panel manufacturers can improve efficiency, enhance resource utilization, and stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly competitive market.

As part of SMARTECH's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, the Autonomous Manewfacturing™ platform ensures that global manufacturers can easily access and implement these groundbreaking tools. In an era where operating costs are under constant pressure, and skilled labor is becoming scarce, SmartForming emerges as a beacon of progress, guiding the industry towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

With this milestone, SMARTECH cements its position as a pioneer in AI-driven manufacturing solutions and sets the stage for a new era of transformative advancements in the wood-based panel industry.


SMARTECH is a pioneering hi-tech company that provides game-changing technologies to the global manufacturing industry. SMARTECH revolutionizes traditional manufacturing by reducing raw materials use and unleashing the latent potential of data to help industries upgrade their plants to smart, autonomous factories by transforming existing production lines into high-performing, data-driven and sustainable assets.

SMARTECH – Manewfacturing™ Technologies is headquartered in Israel, with a presence in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

For more information about SMARTECH's innovative tech solutions for the traditional manufacturing sector, please visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn.

Nathalie Vaknin, VP Marketing
SMARTECH Manewfacturing™ Technologies
Phone: +972 54 760 7024
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