The Smartech Team

The secret of MDI cost reduction?

Following the smashing success of our SmartWax system in reducing wax costs, we are now moving full-speed ahead to provide our customers with a new and revolutionary cost reduction solution, this time for MDI resin.

Smartech is on a mission to provide manufacturers with new technologies that will have a notable and measurable impact on their financial performance. We call production driven by these new technologies MaNEWfacturing™.

With this motion in mind, we have tasked the Smartech X-force, our research innovation teams, with a laser-focused goal – create a new technology that will significantly reduce engineered wood resin costs. The teams have started the race to meet the goal targeting all types of resins. We have not limited them in the type of technology nor we have limited them in the cost of the development process.

It is always a fascinating process to challenge what seems to be impossible, and we are excited and proud to come to our customers and friends in the industry with a real success:  

MDISmartResin technology.

MDI resin is commonly used in themanufactured wood industry in its liquid form. Some attempts to create MDI emulsions were made and several emulsifiable MDI types were developed, but these did not ultimately make their way to the industry and they faced priceand performance challenges.

We use our patented suspension technique just before the resin is applied to the wood, in real time in the production line. This enables improved distribution and better reactiveness. We test the boards to ensure performance parameters remain the same. These test shave confirmed that our unique technique provides the benefits of cost reduction and has no adverse effect on MDI responsiveness. It also has the added advantage of reducing dependency on the stability of the resin.

MDI SmartResin is a proprietary technology and system that utilizes Smartech’s experience and success with suspension technologies. It is an inline, just-in-time MDI suspension system that overcomes all the hurdles of prior technologies and provides customers with a significant resin cost reduction. How significant? More than 15% – are duction that ‘moves the needle’ of cost of production and goes directly to the net profit margin of our customers.

While some may say MDI and water do not seem an obvious combination, our MDI SmartResin technology has overcome any and all obstacles and enables the provision of improved distribution, better resin reactiveness and superior performance.

Smartech MDI SmartResin Systems deliver:

Performance: Superior resin performance enabling the reduction of more than15% of the resin cost, translating to a reduction of millions of dollars per year.

Stability: Controlled MDI suspension stability enables a stable and fluent manufacturing process.

Reliability: A stable process, fully supported by the current MDI process, which remains as a backup.

Flexibility: Any type of MDI resin may be used.

Coming soon: A completely different technology and approach – PF SmartResintechnology.


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