The PLC Programmer & Control Engineer is responsible for system configuration, system programming, manufacturing process support, system inspection, acceptance tests at manufacturing/customers sites including installation and ongoing support. This position plays a key role in the control development and commissioning of SMARTECH’s worldwide installation base.

Duties and Responsibilities

·    Developing software for controlled Industrial Equipment, Including control loops for continuous processes. Programs will primarily be written using Allen Bradley or Siemens PLCs, such as RS-Logic.

·    Developing software for HMI/Scada (Factory Talk, Intouch Wonderware, Wincc Professional).

·    Knowledge and experience with communication protocol such as (Definition of new devices with Profinet Communications, Ethernet/Ip, Io-Link, Modbus).

·    Knowledge and experience with Safety Standard.

·    Supervision of electric cables wiring and installation of process control instruments and electric motors on tri-phase, single-phase systems, and 24v.

·    Diagnosing faults on the workshop floor and at the end user production site.

·    Configuring Parameters for industrial components, such as VFD, Servo Motors, flowmeters, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, transmitters etc.

·    Installation and ongoing support, detecting Logical Process Faults and conducting troubleshooting.

·    Work closely with the Project Manager.

·    Assisting the Sales and Marketing team, to define customer configuration.

·    Prepare for frequent travel abroad (North America, Europe and Asia).

·    Trips duration 1-2.5  weeks.

·    Performs special projects as assigned.

Education and Experience

·    Ability to setup and operate equipment, such as Allen Bradley, RS Logic 5000, or Siemens PLC frequency converters, magnetic and mass flow meters, pressure and temperature sensors.

·    Experience in HMI software, such as WinCC Flexible or Wonderware InTouch or Factory Talk.

·    B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering or Programming or in Mechanical Engineering, specialize in computerized control or similar.

·    A qualified electrician diploma – as an advantage.

·    5 years of experience in a similar position, preferably in a global company.

Other Skills

·    Prepared to perform physical tasks when required, such as for calibration and adjustments.

·    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with teammates, managers and partners.

·    Very good English and Hebrew and ability to converse well in both languages on a professional level.

·    Ability to work under pressure, in an industrial noisy environment.

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